Wednesday, 22 September 2010


"Dis struggle 4 freedom is a physical affair,which takes place in dis prison cell first: i gotta get outta bed,exercise my body,mind,& spirit b4 i draw out legal & street campaign strategies on paper;then i send da parts 2 my COMRADS in society dat i cant execute here.When done right,im able to advance my position torward FREEDOM.But TIME is just as important as position in strategic thought,& knowing how 2 use TIME will make US superior strategists by giving US advantage in OUR defense & attacks.2 do dis U must stop thinking of TIME as an abstract:in actuality,beginning da second U're born,TIME is all U have.Its Ur only true commodity.People can steal Ur possessions,but-short of death-not even da most powerful tyrant cant take TIME from U unless U let them.Even while in prison Ur TIME is Ur own,if U use it 4 Ur own purposes.2 waste Ur time in struggles not of Ur agenda or choosing is more than a mistake,its stupidity of da highest order.OVERSTAND:LOST TIME CAN NEVER BE REGAINED!"-lb.

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My name is Leon Benson and I am a 31 year old African American man, who has been an innocent prisoner in the state of Indiana struggling to obtain my over due exoneration the past 7 years with no luck. I am falsely convicted of the crime of murder. The reason I say "falsely" opposed to "wrongly" convicted is due to the fact "wrongly convicted prisoners" are still guilty of their crime, but there exists a technicality in the legal trial process (i.e. basically the state went about the wrong way to convict them, which is wrong according to the U.S. Constitution, because it states all individuals must receive a fair trial) but to be falsely convicted means, the prisoner is absolutely innocent of the crime they were convicted of -