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JOIN THE MOVEMENT “Fundraiser for Change Campaign”

By Leon Benson
“ Money is one of the most powerful tools we have.
Although it’s wise to remember that money can be
Seen as a root of greed; it’s wiser to place
More emphasis on moneys power for good when
Placed in the right hands, for the right causes
& movements” – Lee Bently 448, 2009
To whom this may concern: Present supporters of Leon Benson’s freedom campaign & General Humanitarians.
May this memo reach you all in blessed health & mind.
For those of you who may not know me, my name is Leon Benson, & I am an innocent prisoner in the State of Indian (USA).  I’ve been imprisoned the past 11 years; of which I’ve declared my innocence from day one & first embarked on a public freedom campaign (in 2002) seeking assistance.
I started from scratch, without a clue of how a freedom campaign operated in practice or theory.  And I’ve endured many trials & errors trying to organize from an isolation cell, through correspondence & phone conversations.  Now I’m more experienced of how to effectively organize; even while being physically shackled.
In 2006, a major break through occurred for me.  I was contacted by a Leesa Taylor, a common folk, humanitarian, & advocate against injustice & the prison industrial complex.  She read of my struggles for justice & freedom & asked could she help.  I accepted.  And Leesa created an online platform that gave me a chance to consistently communicate with the world of my false conviction & aims to correct it.  Eventually, Leesa’s work bloomed into the construction of an entire website dedicated to my case see (
This website has helped me gain a lot of support world wide – it’s been an indispensable tool.  And today I’ll attempt to use this tool to its highest potential: to inspire organized action from the public.
Through combined effects of I & others, since going Pro se on my Post-Conviction Relief appeal in 2007, I’ve made great progress in constructing many elements in my PCR legal issue.
I’ve drafted a Pro se – PCR petition on my own, located key witnesses, & discovered New evidence that may exonerate me altogether. (see case update blogs #7, #8, #9, #10, #11).  However, I need an attorney to take over my case.
Why?  Though my case is beyond compelling as it is with me representing myself in court.  It’s foolish to represent yourself in any legal action (if you can help it); due to problems of being objective from personal attachment to the case & the biasness court officials have against Pro se lawyers.  This bias is especially true towards Pro se prisoners like myself.
To fully safe guard my exoneration attempts, I need a lawyer to talk over my PCR case.
So far through donations from Valerie Buford (USA) Steven Willet (UK) & Sigrid Davies (Ger.) I’ve $5,000.  And I have contacted at least fifty (50) different lawyers nation wide requesting legal representation for the $5,000 sum.  Of course, I was repeatedly turned down because on average, lawyers sought $10 - $12,000 & refused to take my case for the amount I had – though they always commented that I had a powerful case.
From these efforts, I concluded that I must initiate an organized “fundraiser campaign” action to gather the additional funds needed.
I Feb. of 2008, the For Change booklet was created by supporters to outline why certain sums of finances are needed.  Review this outline on this site.  But herein, I need your sincere action on my behalf to help raise funds the following ways:
Ø      Also, if you’d like to make your donation with more ease & speed, contact Keith Anderson the fundraiser supervisor by email ( & make PayPal arrangements.
Ø      Fundraiser flyers – please download the fundraiser flyer from the site or my myspace page & make as many copies as you can & pass them out in your communities, (post them in churches, the mall, on telephone poles, in stores etc…) mail or email them to your friends & those you feel will make a contribution.
Ø      If you don’t have printing equipment &/or if you’d like to save on printing cost, contact Keith Anderson at ( (mention Leon Benson & I’ll receive a commission) & he will convey the following flyer bulk cost & shipping to you:
·         For 250 copies (8½” x 11”sheets) $9.75; or for 250 copies (5½” x 8½” sheets) $5.15 + shipping cost.
·         For 500 copies (8½” x 11” sheets) $19; or for 500 copies (5½” x 8½”) $10 + shipping cost.
·         For 1000 copies (8½” x 11” sheets) $35; or for 500 copies (5½” x 8½” sheets) $18.75 + shipping, additional 100’s print beyond 1,000 is $3.54 (8½” x 11”)  & $1.85 (5½” x 8½”) per 100.
This discount printing will save you money in assisting this fundraiser movement.
The more people this flyer reaches, the more chances we have to raise the proper funds.
Please!  I need all my available supporters to put forth action in the efforts. And I need the efforts of any available person out there to help as these actions are inexpensive, yet powerful in assisting me to secure a lawyer before my PCR hearing Dec. 18, 2009
This money raised will be placed in good hands for the right movement: my exoneration for false imprisonment.  Follow my above suggestions & in doing so “join the movement”.
I’m only requesting your help because I absolutely need it – my entire future is on the line.  So please waste no time in getting involved.  All efforts are appreciated in advance.
Thank you all for your time I believe we’ll accomplish this goal with ease.
Leon Benson @ 10:27 pm 5/28/09

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