Wednesday, 22 September 2010


. On Sept.14th,WE (fam,friends,& supporters of luv'd 1s imprisoned in WVCF's SCU)were SUCCESSFUL in our phoning campaign 2 WVCF warden's office about stopping da w/holding of legal materials from da SCU prisoners by da prison's law library(LL)& SCU staff. For now dey're passing out legal materials again. HOWEVER,WE'VE discovered more UNCONSTITIONAL practices of WVCF not providing SCU prisoners EQUAL ACCESS to da LL.Meaning,those confined in da SCU,whether or not dey're under administrative or disciplinary seg. status,by law must have da same LL access as general population(gen.pop)& other units & prisons uniformly(see Bounds v.Smith,430 U.S.817(1977)&Lewis v.Casey,518 U.S.343(1996). Here are da following facts of why SCU prisoners arent receiving equal access to da LL: 1).Da SCU doesnt have access to trained paralegals or prisoner LL clerks.But in gen.pop... ...& other seg.units prisoners have direct access to LL staff & prisoner clerks who're more versed in law & who can answer critical legal questions.Dis'd allow SCU prisoners more legal help who dont understand da law. 2)SCU prisoners need da immediate access of sattlelite legal computer systems.Ironically,in 2007,WVCF warden had all 48 sattlelite computers remove from da SCU & replace w/ an oppressive video monitor visitation system. Dis came w/no warning to SCU prisoners.Access to LL computers would greatly increase research speed,for example,it'll take a prisoner 3hrs of computer research on particular issue,where it'll take him 3months to complete da same reserch thruogh da LL request slip process.Gen.pop & Westville Control Unit(WCU) prisoners have access to such LL computers.Why is da SCU different? 3)There's an inadequate amount & varity of legal books in da LL's SCU laon catalogue. There're only a varity of 30 books in an... ...attempt to satisfy da demand of 288 SCU prisoners.WVCF's LL must expand da catalogue of legal books to SCU prisoners. WHAT DOES ALL DIS MEAN?Well,ur fam,friend,or loved 1s confined in da SCU are being systematically DENIED EQUAL ACCESS TO DA COURT due to da conditions mentioned above.(see Marange v.Fontenot,879 F.Supp.679(E.D.Tex.1995).Therefore,its far harder for SCU prisoners to research their cases to reduce thier overall sentences or have their convictions overturned.This means more time dey'll be locked away from us in society.Da conditions mentioned above are serious 1st,5th,&14th Amendment VIOLATIONS of da U.S. Constitution. PLAN OF ACTION:If its not broke dont fix it. We had success w/ da phoning campaign so we wont change our protest approach.But we will include emails dis time around. Follow directives below: ON Sept. 21,2010,between 8am-6pm,WE'LL ALL place phone calls... ...& emails demanding dat: 1).sattlelite legal research computers are returned to da SCU;2).paralegal staff or LL prisoner clerks are allowed,per request,to come to da SCU to talk w/prisoners who need more clarity in their pro se motion filings in state or federal courts,for civil or criminal cases;& 3).WVCF LL provide more & a larger varity of legal books to SCU prisoners. These demands are to be directed to da following IDOC officials: *IDOC Commissioner,Edwin Buss,ph#317-232-5711, *WVCF's warden,Jerry Basinger,ph#812-398-5050, *Indiana Governor,Mitch Daniels,ph#317-232-4567 Please at least call one of da above(if u cant find time to send an email)to make ur protest be heard for SCU prisoners' human rights. IN CONCLUSION: forward dis directive to any willing & able person dat'll make dez calls of protest. WE would like to thank u in advance & 4 ur time,but remember:DA POWER IS TO DA PEOPLE WHO CAN UNITE FOR A JUST CAUSE. IN SOLIDARITY, US

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