Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Dr.Cornel West once wrote,"The mark of the prophet is to speak the truth in love with courage-come what may."Dr.West makes a good point. WE all have da potential to be prophets-however, we all dont have da courage to speak truth 2 power & follow thru w/correct action after our plan,vision,or prophesy has been declared(whether in public or private).Da fear many potential prophets experience is of da struggles(set backs,doubt,retribution,outcasted,hardwork & even death)dat may come w/speaking truth. Aside from those fears,there's da fact dat few people in da world take what dey say, demselves,2b serious.There4,dey dont believe in demselves,so how can dey take us serious?Not only can such people not be prophets,but dey can not support a true prophet's vision. In essence,a prophet doesnt have mistical power.Instead, dey're everday people like u & i whom believe in their plan or forecast b/c dey take da time to logically analyze da conditions & possibilities at play w/in any given situation. Any one can be a successful prophet if dey are willing to do da research,& cultivation thereafter.For example,what better everyday prophet than a good farmer? She or he researchs da status of da soil,da time of da year,& how dat applies to what particular seeds(or prophesy)to sow/plant;thereafter,dey water da seed,keep weeds from growing near it,making sure it gets plenty sunshine;& by harvest time dat seed will have grown into fruit & da farmer reaps da result. Dis wisdom of 'process'can be applied in many aspects of our lives. Here,i ask u all to BELIEVE IN DA PROPHESY OF MY COMING FREEDOM! B/c im working hard from da inside on my case;a few supporters are working hard out there; & HOPEFULLY U ARE DOING UR PART 4 DA CAUSE-NO MATTER HOW SMALL! Final analysis:"prophesies are made by da prophets who cast dem into da world, & even more by da people who support who believe in dem by helping their plan manifest". Therefore,one way to be a successful prophet in ur personal lives is to be a PROFIT to da world in sowing righteous & humane seeds-when ever da chance presents itself.(& it should go w/o saying dat da 12 years of my false imprisonment has been da biggest chance for u to sow a righteous seed in ur support toward da prophesy of my freedom!). Its never 2 late-started 2day or continue ur efforts. BELIEVE WHAT I SAY: my time 2 shine is near-FREEDOM NOW! SOUL AUTUMN PROPHET-leon benson(sept. 13th,2010 & r.i.p Tupac Shukur)

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My name is Leon Benson and I am a 31 year old African American man, who has been an innocent prisoner in the state of Indiana struggling to obtain my over due exoneration the past 7 years with no luck. I am falsely convicted of the crime of murder. The reason I say "falsely" opposed to "wrongly" convicted is due to the fact "wrongly convicted prisoners" are still guilty of their crime, but there exists a technicality in the legal trial process (i.e. basically the state went about the wrong way to convict them, which is wrong according to the U.S. Constitution, because it states all individuals must receive a fair trial) but to be falsely convicted means, the prisoner is absolutely innocent of the crime they were convicted of -